Italian Vista 


Hidden Within Every Town and City of Italy is a Treasure Trove of History and Wonder.

Buon giorno and welcome to Italian Vista - A fun and quirky look at the cities and towns of Italy. Discover the history and wonders which make Italy truly unique.

Rome, Italy Vatican City, Italy Genoa, Italy Siena, Italy Pisa, Italy

      ROME          VATICAN CITY         GENOA                   SIENA                  PISA                

 Florence, Italy Venice, Italy Turin, Italy Como, Italy Naples, Italy

       FlORENCE             VENICE              TURIN                COMO                NAPLES

 Pompeii, Italy Vieste, ItalyArgrigento, Italy Taormina, Italy Mt Etna, Italy

       POMPEII                 VIESTE          AGRIGENTO         TAORMINA              MT ETNA